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Tuesday May 17th, 2011

Museum Announces New E-Publication

“Curation Paper” Focuses on Early Astronomy, Flight of HAM

The New Mexico Museum of Space History is proud to announce the e-publication of the first of a series of papers by its Curation Department. ‘Curation Paper Number One’ continues the five-part series on the early history of astronomy, ‘Astronomers before Telescopes,’ by Assistant Curator Jim Mayberry. The series began in Issues Eleven and Twelve of The New Mexico Space Journal.

The third installment of the series, is titled “The Pen and the Sword: Translators, Moors, and Mongols.” It recounts the development of astronomy from the years AD 1013 to c.1350. This era saw the growth of Christian Europe from the end of the Dark Ages to the Black Plague and the start of the Renaissance. The first chapters in the ‘Astronomers before Telescopes’ series, ‘The Age of Giants,’ and ‘The Not So Dark Ages: the Rise of India and Islam’ told the story of the dawn of the science of astronomy and its growth after the fall of the Roman Empire. Both articles have been rewritten and will be soon published as Curation Papers Number Two and Three. The series will then conclude with Curation Papers Numbers Four and Five.

Also in this issue is a commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of MR-2, the spaceflight by the world’s first ‘astro-chimp’ HAM, as well as the role played by his lead trainer, Ed Dittmer. Ed is a member of the International Space Hall of Fame. “Curation Paper Number One” is now available for download.
‘Curation Paper Number One’ - (Printable) (PDF)

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Astrochimp HAM looks calm and collected during this pre-flight training session for his first and only space mission aboard the MR-2 rocket. HAM was trained at Holloman Air Force Base from 1959-1961 and his name is an acronym for Holloman Aero Medical. His lead trainer, USAF Sergeant Ed Dittmer, left, is an inductee into the International Space Hall of Fame and is retired in southern New Mexico. Read about HAM's historic flight in the New Mexico Museum of Space History's newly e-published "Curatorial Papers"(Printable) (PDF) download. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

IMAGE: HAM during pre-flight training; Ed Dittmer, his lead trainer, is on the left. Photo courtesy of NASA.