Great Southwest Star Party

September 23 - 25

The New Mexico Museum of Space History Astronomy League is proud to announce the return of the Great Southwest Star Party. This year’s event will run from Friday, September 23rd through Sunday, September 25th.

The primary location will be on the grounds of the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico. This location, nestled at an altitude of 9,186 feet in the Lincoln Nation Forest offers great observing conditions with excellent seeing and transparency under dark rural skies. late September in New Mexico offers warm temperatures and the clearest skies of the year.

Tours will be available of the Dunn solar telescope and the adjacent Apache Point Observatory, home to the 3.5 meter ARC telescope and the Sloan Digital survey 2.5-meter instrument. A special presentation by APO staff using the half-meter telescope will take place early on Saturday evening. Accommodations will be available for RV, car, and tent camping.

For pre-registration or more information contact tony.gondola@state.nm.us