The New Mexico Museum of Space History is hosting our quarterly Governor’s Commission Meeting on October 28th , 2022 at 1:00PM.

This meeting will be open to the public via Zoom.

The Mission of the New Mexico Museum of Space History Commission is to establish museum of space history policy and determine the mission and direct the development of the museum subject to the approval of the secretary of cultural affairs and to provide direction, advice, and support to the Director of the Museum in the maintenance and operation of the Museum and its activities


  1. Call To Order – Mr. Jon Haas
  2. Introductions – Commission and Guests
  3. Action: Approve agenda for the October 28, 2022 Meeting – Commission
  4. Action: Approve minutes from the July 29, 2022 Meeting – Commission
  5. Department of Cultural Affairs Report – Dr. Patrick Moore
  6. Int’l Space Hall of Fame Foundation Comments – Mr. Johnny Powell and/or Mr. Cliff Hudson
  7. Division Director’s Report – Mr. Chris Orwoll
  8. Commission Chair Report – Mr. Jon Haas
  9. Call for nominations to chair the Development Committee (position vacant)
  10. Discussion of Key Decision Schedule for the Commission– Mr. Jon Haas and Mr. Chris Orwoll
  11. Standing Sub-Committee Reports and Discussion of Museum needs for each
    1. Development Committee – Mr. Jon Haas (Acting)
  1. Progress towards new operating agreements between the Foundation and Museum
    1. Mission and Long-Range Planning – Dr. Chris Churchill
    2. Education Committee – Ms. Kimberly Fahey
    3. Collections Committee – Mr. Jon Haas
  1. Announcements
  2. Action: Proposed Changes to Standing Rule 4 (Museum Review Committee)
  3. Action: Establish the Museum Review Committee
  4. Action:  Confirm/Establish Dates & locations of Upcoming Meetings – Commission
    1. 27 January 2023 – Santa Fe, NM (In Person)
    2. 28 April 2023
    3. 28 July 2023
  5. Adjournment – Commission

*Except for emergency matters, the Commission cannot take action on new business that is not on the posted agenda. New business requiring action will be added to the agenda for the next meeting of the Commission.