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Royalty-Free Media

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  1. Areas Permitted/Prohibited. Photography, defined as commercial filming or still photography for the purposes of this Permit, without flash or strobe lights, is allowed in most of the galleries and elsewhere on the New Mexico Museum of Space History (NMMSH) campus. Photography requires Director permission, applied for through this permit and agreement. Photography is NOT permitted in exhibits of loaned artifacts from other institutions or private individuals if NMMSH received the items with photography restrictions or 2) near exhibits where “no photography” signage is posted, if applicable.
  2. Schedule. The photographer must schedule photography at the convenience of NMMSH’s staff. If photography will be used to advertise or promote a particular product, the product must be approved by the Director in advance of the photographs being taken. If the product would not fit the image of the NMMSH, the Director will not grant permission (e.g., if it is demeaning to the mission of the museum, etc.).
  3. Attribution/Credit. Photographer agrees to credit all products, publications, and exhibits using images from NMMSH as follows: Courtesy of New Mexico Museum of Space History, a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. The Photographer shall also provide NMMSH a copy of each print/video/film for the NMMSH files. These copies will remain on file only, and NMMSH will not copy or use them in any way without the written permission of the Photographer. NMMSH requests that Photographer provide NMMSH a yearly update on the status of the numbers of images produced to NMMSH Assistant Curator Jim Mayberry (Mail: POB 5430, Alamogordo, NM 88311, email:, phone 575-437-2840 ext. 41154) for data purposes only.
  4. Director Discretion. Photography is encouraged as a marketing medium. However, the NMMSH Director reserves the right to reject requests to protect the artifacts, staff, volunteers and public image of the NMMSH at the Director’s discretion.
  5. Commercial photography fee. There is a base charge of one-hundred dollars ($100) for commercial filming and commercial photography if Photographer photographs at NMMSH for less than two hours. NMMSH will assign at least one staff member to the film/photo crew, and if filming involves more than two hours or overtime (after normal working hours), then NMMSH will charge an additional twenty-five dollars ($25) per hour, per staff member for staff time. If specific staff members are needed for any reason, the NMMSH will charge Photographer a higher hourly fee, at least ten percent higher than that staff member’s hourly wages and prorated benefits. NMMSH may reduce these fees if Photographer is renting all or part of NMMSH.
  6. Props and Scenery. If Photographer anticipates using any props or scenery, Photographer must get written permission from the NMMSH Director and deliver a bond equal to the amount required to restore any affected NMMSH property to its original condition.
  7. Public Access/Rules. Photographer, Photographer’s equipment and/or any Photographer personnel may not restrict public access to any part of the NMMSH property unless the Photographer enters a separate facility rental agreement with NMMSH. Photographer also agrees to abide by NMMSH’s rules while on site.

    Liability. Photographer assumes liability for any injury, theft, or vandalism during Photographer’s time on NMMSH’s premises; and shall indemnify NMMSH against responsibility for any such injury or loss.

Please make all checks payable to the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

Mail to:
New Mexico Museum of Space History
POB 5430
Alamogordo, NM 88311-5430

For more information, contact:
Cathy Harper
Marketing/Public Relations Director
575-437-2840 ext. 41153



    Prices reflect a minimum four-hour rental unless otherwise noted. Staffing costs are in addition to rental fees. Rentals in excess of four hours will be prorated accordingly. Rental fees may be pro-rated for events that last less than four hours at the discretion of the Executive Director.

    It is a violation of the state anti-donation clause to offer discounts for non-museum hosted events. Fundraising activities are prohibited unless said fundraiser benefits the museum.

    Museum Building: Areas available include

    • First floor, lobby, patio: $500.00
      • First floor has available projector and screen (additional rental fee applies)
      • Max capacity: 110
    • Entire museum: $1500.00
      • Max capacity: 500

    Hubbard Space Science Education Building:

    • Library/conference room: NOT AVAILABLE

    Tombaugh Science Education Center & Theater: Areas available include

    • 85 seat auditorium with A/V elements (Projector, DVD): $250.00 per hour (All A/V element usage must be pre-approved by the Museum 2 weeks prior to the event. Theater rental is available before and after hours only unless special arrangements have been made.)
    • Two large classrooms, seating up to 40 people each. Both rooms are equipped with a projector and screen (additional rental fee applies). Includes tables and chairs. $200 each, four-hour minimum. Additional hours prorated.

    Grounds and Gardens: Areas available include:

    • Astronaut Memorial Garden (includes patio behind Hubbard building): $150.00
    • John P. Stapp Air & Space Park (including Museum Patio): $175.00
    • Upper Parking Lot and/or Lower Parking lot: $375.00 each or $650.00 for both. Sections (1/2, 1/3, 1/4) of each parking lot pro-rated at a minimum of $125.00
      • 145 parking slots per lot
    • NOTE: Restrooms are not available for these locations before or after museum hours.

    Available rental furniture & equipment:

    • Please see Museum Rental Fee Worksheet attached.

    All rentals require a minimum of one museum staff member.

    • Staffing costs: $25 per hour, per staff member. Four-hour minimum.
      • Events with 100 or more people will require at least 2 staff members.
    • Security guard: $25 per hour, four-hour minimum.
      • One guard minimum per hundred people.
      • Required for events with alcohol.

    Set up and breakdown:

    • Four-hour rental includes set up and breakdown time. If additional time is needed, it will be prorated according to the hourly rate and may include staff time or overtime.


    • Rental fees are due in advance with a 50% deposit required at signing, balance due within 30 days; check made to the museum.
    • $200 refundable damage deposit is required for all users with a check payable to the museum, due two weeks prior to the event
    • A certificate of insurance is required w/liability of $1,050,000 as per State of NM Risk Management, due two weeks prior to the event
    • Alcohol requires a Picnic Permit via the Alcohol & Gaming Division of the state, at least 4 weeks prior to the event. This is the responsibility of the user.
    • Facility User understands that all areas rented are to be returned to the condition to which they were prior to Users’ utilization thereof.
    • The User will be notified of any damages and is liable for said damages incurred to any/all portions of the facilities associated with their use. Any damages will result in partial or complete forfeiture of the damage deposit paid. If damages exceed the amount of the deposit, the User will be responsible for payment of additional charges incurred. The decision as to whether deposits shall be forfeited is entirely that of the Museum.

    In addition to the above, the User must observe the following guidelines at all events. Failure to do so may cause damage to property or the possibility of cessation of the event by contracted security officers, police, fire marshals, etc.

    1. All users are prohibited from climbing on, decorating or moving any signage, furniture or vegetation planters.
    2. All guests and/or contractors are prohibited from climbing on, decorating, setting food or beverage containers on, or moving any exhibit feature or case (interior or exterior) or signage associated with exhibit.
    3. Nothing may be attached to any internal or external window of the facility.
    4. Nothing may be attached to any other facility surface without prior approval from the Museum Director. Poster putty is the only acceptable adhesive (no masking or scotch tape, nails, thumbtacks, etc. can be used) on any surface including all floors throughout the entire facility.
    5. No decorating or setup may begin before 4:30 p.m. in any public area of the Museum. All decorations must be pre-approved. Any decorating or setup that may interfere with Museum patrons (i.e. in galleries, lobby area, etc.) will not be allowed until after 5:00 p.m. If any special arrangements need to be made, they must be discussed and pre-approved by the Museum Director or Marketing Director.
    6. No open flame candles may be used for decoration and no open flame cooking and/or heating devices may be used anywhere on the museum grounds.
    7. No rose petals, confetti, rice or birdseed can be used at any event (including weddings.)
    8. Contracted musicians (DJ’s or bands) must provide their own equipment including tables, chairs and electrical cords. Outdoor music must be turned down to 70 decibels at 11:00 p.m. and will be turned off at 12:00 a.m. (midnight)
    9. Parking in fire lanes, no parking zones or handicapped parking is prohibited and violators will be ticketed and/or towed at their own expense. Any type of unloading in the fire lane must be completed and vehicle moved within 15 minutes.

    Exhibit Space Use Checklist

    • No leaning on cases or against walls with exhibits.
    • No drinks or food placed on top of cases or exhibits.
    • If food or drinks have been placed on top of cases or exhibits, please have them removed immediately and the area wiped down with a non-abrasive cloth.
      If a spill occurs on a case or exhibit, notify museum staff immediately.
    • Watch for the spilling of beverages on floors. This should be mopped up immediately.

    Please make all checks payable to the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

    Mail to:
    New Mexico Museum of Space History
    POB 5430
    Alamogordo, NM 88311-5430

    For more information, contact:
    Cathy Harper
    Marketing/Public Relations Director
    575-437-2840 ext. 41153

    Museum Rental Fee Worksheet



    (per 4 hrs)


    (additional hrs)

    First floor, lobby, patio



    Entire Museum



    Dome Theater



    Theater classroom



    Memorial Garden



    Space Park, patio



    Upper Parking lot



    Lower Parking lot



    Both Parking lots



    Furniture / Equipment

    Per Unit

    Per Additional

    25 Pub tables


    6′ Rectangular tables (15)


    6′ circular tables (15)


    Chairs (50)




    Projector/standard screen


    Projector/14′ screen



    20′ X 20′ tent



    Pipe & Drape (5 – 10′ sections)



    25 round table covers (white/120”)


    15 rectangular black table covers





    20 Uplights/4 light bars



    Per Person

    Museum Staff



    Security Guard



      A Damage Deposit of $200 is required