What: The new temporary exhibit Sci Fi & Sci Fact: Two Worlds Collide will open in the Governor’s Gallery in Santa Fe on Monday, January 15. The exhibit, created by the New Mexico Museum of Space History, highlights how the realms of science fiction and science fact overlap and help create our modern world. Sci Fi & Sci Fact: Two Worlds Collide  will be on display in the Governor’s Gallery through April 29, 2024. The museum opened a larger rendition of the exhibit in Alamogordo last December and is bringing highlights of that along with several new additions to the Governor’s Gallery.  

These backlit panels on display at the Museum of Space History have been recreated for display inside the Governor’s Gallery in Santa Fe. Photo courtesy NMMSH

Highlights of the gallery will include: 

“Filmed in New Mexico” – showcasing science fiction films shot in the state, featuring a set piece from the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and a short film showing how the set was built at White Sands Missile Range. 

Compare what authors imagined decades ago to the technology of today. From flip phones to defribillators, writers and movie makers have helped shape the world of today. Photo courtesy NMMSH

“Enchanted Sci Fi: New Mexico Authors” – spotlight on four prominent New Mexico science fiction authors and artists: Jack Williamson, G. Harry Stine, Rebecca Roanhorse, and Stephen McCrainie.  

“Robots, Androids, and Droids” – Do you know the differences? Perhaps a close look at the full scale operational replica R2-D2 droid from the Star Wars franchise on display will help you decide. 

This operational replica R2-D2 is getting ready to head for Santa Fe for a while where he’ll be greeting guests inside the Governor’s Gallery. Photo courtesy NMMSH

Several movie props and costumes will be on display, including the full scale R2-D2, Alan Rickman’s costume from the 1999 movie Galaxy Quest, a Ceremonial Rebel Trooper costume from the Throne Room scene at the end of 1977’s Star Wars IV: A New Hope, along with props and costumes from the 2016 science fiction romance film Passengers.  

“It is a privilege to share this exhibit with guests to the Governor’s Gallery and to call attention to our state’s role in helping to create today’s world of science fiction,” said Museum Executive Director Christopher Orwoll.  

Where: Governor’s Gallery, Office of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Suite 400, Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Why: From earbuds to iPads, and rocket ships to credit cards, science fiction writers have imagined the future. And inventors have imagined turning those dreams into reality. Scientists, doctors, astronauts, engineers, and many others have been inspired to pursue careers, create new technology, and push the limits of knowledge by vivid tales of future times. On the other hand, authors have also taken existing technologies to the next level in their storytelling, opening the doors for tomorrow’s creators. The worlds of Sci Fi & Sci Fact await you at the Governor’s Gallery in Santa Fe and the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo! 

About the New Mexico Museum of Space History: www.nmspacemuseum.org