Permanent exhibits, educational programs, giant-screen films, and many special events are just a few ways the NM Museum of Space History educates & entertains tens of thousands of visitors every year! Our volunteers are vital to the daily operation of our programs, and we need your help. Join our crew today, and watch imaginations soar as visitors explore our space-faring history. Our exhibits and displays are great ways for our visitors (and you) to learn more about science and technology; living and working in space; and the wonders of the Universe!


  • Free admission for you & up to three guests to the Museum and to planetarium shows at the New Horizons Theater & Planetarium (large format films are discounted)

  • Recognition Pins & Annual Recognition Dinner

  • Periodic Pot-Luck Gatherings


  • Explainer/Demonstrator:
    Conduct demonstrations for visitors, using programs developed by our Education Department, the Boeing Corporation, and NASA.

  • Tour Guide/Greeter:
    Learn about the artifacts and background of exhibits in a selected gallery, and answer questions by visitors. Upon completion of training, conduct tours through the Museum.
  • Library/Archives:
    Catalog books in the Museum Library, check books out & in, and return them to their proper location. You’ll also assist in maintaining historical records and photographs in our archives.

  • Special Events/Projects: 
    Help during special events such as July 4th Fireworks Extravaganza, Star Parties, education events and Space Hall of Fame inductions.


    Adult Volunteer ApplicationJunior Volunteer Application

    Personal Information

    1. Are you authorized to work in the U.S.? YesNo
      Are you over the age of 18? YesNo

    2. Age

    3. Are you able to perform the essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodations? YesNo

    4. What is / are the reason(s) you want to work for the NM Museum of Space History?

    5. Have you ever been employed by a state government, museum, monument, national park service or other public agency or non-profit organization?NoYes

      If yes, where and when?

    6. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? You must include any and all past or current criminal convictions. NoYes

      If “yes,” please identify the crime(s), provide the date(s) of the conviction(s), the name of the court(s), (e.g., Otero County Superior Court) and the sentence(s) imposed.

      NOTE: Any falsification, omission, deliberate misrepresentation or failure to complete any part of this form is grounds for rejection as a volunteer. NM Museum of Space History reserves the right to reject any applicant for any legitimate, nondiscriminatory reason. Decisions about volunteer approval status are made on a case by case basis. Criminal convictions DO NOT necessarily restrict you from volunteering.




    Volunteer Availability

    MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayNo Preference

    In an Emergency, Notify

    Volunteer / Intern Agreement

    The New Mexico Museum of Space History Agrees to:

    • Provide a supervisor responsible for the volunteer and/or intern.

    • Provide safe working conditions and space needed to perform necessary job duties.

    • Review and evaluate volunteer performance on a regular basis.

    • Recognize that the volunteers and/or intern’s relationship with staff members requires mutual respect, understanding and confidence.

    • Recognize the personal contributions of each individual volunteer and/or intern.

    • Recognize the important role that volunteers and/or interns play in our positive and productive atmosphere.

    • Provide guidance, support, training and supervision.

    • Provide access to available equipment as necessary to complete the job assignment.

    The Volunteer / Intern Agrees to:

    • Review and abide by all application processes, policies and procedures.

    • Maintain and uphold the Mission and Philosophy of the NM Museum of Space History.

    • Maintain confidentiality. Respect the confidential nature of museum Curation and records.

    • Recognize that the relationship with staff members requires mutual respect, understanding and confidence.

    • Understand that every task performed in the museum by volunteers is important to the support, survival, and success of the museum and to the education of the public.

    • Accept guidance, support, and supervision by one’s supervisor.

    • Actively participate as a team player.

    • Carry out duties responsibly, reliably and promptly.

    • Maintain a record of volunteer hours and ensure that information is given to the Administrative Assistant, Education, and Marketing, by the due date.

    • Raise any matters of concern with assigned supervisor

    • Advise (in writing) his/her supervisor at least two weeks in advance of any planned leave of absence or resignation.

    • Accept the NM Museum of Space History’s right to counsel or possibly dismiss the volunteer and/or intern from the program due to poor attendance, poor performance of duties or violation of this agreement

    • Agrees that the NM Museum of Space History and the International Space Hall of Fame Foundation reserve the sole copyright on all materials developed by staff and/or volunteers working on museum and related projects. Neither staff nor volunteers may “compete” with the NM Museum of Space History and the International Space Hall of Fame Foundation on research, publication, collections or commercial projects.

    Terms of Contract:

    I understand that by typing my full name this contract I am consenting to be trained, supervised and reviewed by the staff of the NM Museum of Space History. As a volunteer and/or intern, I will assume the responsibilities as discussed by my supervisor including attending necessary meetings and functions. I will attend an orientation meeting and agree to the conditions outlined in the Volunteer Agreement.